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LBWebMaps is an ideal tool to find out information about Laguna Beach. We are constantly adding new functionality to help you find detailed information, or just browse around for fun.  We hope LBWebMaps helps you find your way around Laguna Beach! 
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An alternative City GIS Map using a Silverlight viewer can be accessed at GIS Map (Silverlight).

An alternative City GIS Map using a HTML5 viewer that can be used on any device (desktop, handheld or tablet) with any browser can be accessed at GIS Map (HTML5).

*NOTE: In order to view linked "TIF" image files from the City's GIS Map Services, two changes must be done to the internet viewing browser:

    First - Install the free TIF image file viewer or web browser add-on (ActiveX control or plug-in) that displays
    TIF image files from the Alternatiff website.

    Second - Turn-off all pop-up blockers, including any special toolbar pop-up blockers, such as in the Google